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Kim Kardashian Snuggles With 'annoyed' North; Has Waffle Date With Chrissy & John (photos) - Yahoo News

Kim and North (Instagram) Later that night, Kanye took the stage at DirecTV's pre-Super Bowl bash with Rihanna, where he sang his new ode to his late mom and North, "Only One." He and Kim relaxed with a carb-filled double date after the show. PHOTOS: Kim & Kanye - From The Beginning The couple, along with John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen, headed to the Waffle House restaurant for some late night/early morning grub. "Double date at the Waffle House," Kim captioned a shot of the sexy foursome sitting at two booths, looking ridiculously chic. Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Kim and Kanye (Instagram) -- Erin O'Sullivan Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/kim-kardashian-snuggles-annoyed-north-waffle-date-chrissy-160315679.html

Kim Kardashian Snuggles With 'Annoyed' North (Photos) - Yahoo News

View photo Kim Kardashian and baby North West attend the Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and North headed to Arizona this weekend for the Super Bowl, where Kim couldn't resist a photo session with her daughter. Posing in what appears to be a hotel room, Kim took photos of herself and North who didn't initially seem all too pleased with the cuddle/selfie fest. "I don't know if she's annoyed with my million daily http://www.kimkardashiantapes.org kisses or my alien face," the proud mom captioned a photo of herself kissing North, who looks irritated by her mom's affection. PHOTOS: 9 Times Kim Kardashian Forgot Her Shirt Kim and North (Instagram) But Kim redeemed herself in another shot posted to the reality star's Instagram on Saturday, where she is seen laying on the bed cuddling the 1-year-old, who is showing off her adorable smile for the camera. "My snuggle bear," Kim captioned the shot.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/kim-kardashian-snuggles-annoyed-north-photos-180658216.html

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West accused of using illegal escort to pre-Super Bowl event | TheCelebrityCafe.com

Phoenix Police Department spokesman Trent Crump denied officers from their police department were involved in escorting Kardashian and West to a pre-Super Bowl event on Saturday. Each motorcycle involved in their barricade had their lights flashing, Daily News reports. Its illegal for non-emergency vehicles to flash red or red and blue lights on the highway. Photos of the escort were first published by x17online , which revealed their escort motorcycles taking up several lanes. That was not done by us, but they could hire private security or off-duty officers, said Crump.
Source: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2015/02/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-accused-using-illegal-escort-pre-super-bowl-event

See Kim Kardashian's Unaired T-Mobile Super Bowl Ads - Yahoo Celebrity

Kim explained her decision during her visit last week to the ET set. NEWS: Kim K. Talks Bruce Jenner "Her eyes were closed and we had taken so many pictures and I happened to like that picture of myself, so I cropped her out," Kim told ET. "All my friends were sitting there and we're like 'It's fine, it's fine.' Everyone crops people, and I got so much crap for cropping her out." The move seemed out of character for Kim, who posts so many photos that she's releasing a book of selfie photography called Selfish. The 34-year-old reality star previewed the cover art for the 352-page book earlier this month and has thanked Kanye for "inspiring this idea and helping to design the book" so that she can "share a decade of selfies in an intimate and artistic way." During her family's trip to Thailand last year, Kim admitted to taking 1,200 selfies, but she also has a sense of humor about her selfie obsession, as seen in a new T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial. VIDEO: Watch Kim Kardashian's Sexy, Funny T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad!
Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/kim-kardashian-responds-backlash-cropping-015100522.html

Kim Kardashian Responds to Backlash for Cropping North West Out of Selfie - Yahoo Celebrity

The 34-year-old reality star already created some buzz with her official T-Mobile Super Bowl ad which aired on Sunday, and now ET has a look at two unaired commercials that also showcase Kim's sense of humor, including a "Selfie 101" tutorial from the master herself. Kim's definitely doing her part as a T-Mobile spokeswoman, succeeding in giving the brand an edge amongst other amazing Super Bowl commercials -- her ad was the fourth most talked-about spot only behind Budweiser, Victoria's Secret and Mercedes. She also took to her Instagram to post some super-sexy bikini pics from her trip to Thailand last year , to promote T-Mobile's KimsDataStash.com site. View gallery . The reality superstar had quite the busy Super Bowl weekend celebrating her big commercial along with her hubby Kanye, who performed at the DirecTV pre-Super Bowl concert alongside Rihanna.
Source: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/see-kim-kardashians-unaired-t-214800641.html

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